What is the Gymstars Program?

  • Our Gymstars project is a unique program that gets delivered in a primary school environment to Key Stage One children.
  • The mobile gym operates with special made exercising equipment including rowing and running machines, cross trainers and exercise bikes.
  • The sessions aim to improve young children’s participation in exercise and for some gives them their first opportunity to use gym equipment suited to their age and build.
  • Usually running in six week blocks, the program provides the stepping stones for children to work on their fundamental skills.

Benefits of the Program?

  • Increases exercise participation with young children aged four to seven. (Key Stage One)
  • Gets children confident and familiar with using gym equipment.
  • Participants are taking part in activities that are different from the normal.
  • You are getting 45 minutes of hard working exercise that has many health benefits.

Over the past few years, we have received recognition and praise for the unique program. In March 2018 on the Day of Action, the EFL provided coverage of one of our Gymstars sessions in action on their social media platforms and main website.

The Gymstars sessions are suited to class sizes of up to 30 children. The typical format of the sessions is half the class will be on the gym equipment whilst the rest take part in lane activities that work on their fundamental skills.

This includes focusing on their jumping, hopping, working through ladders, balancing and also building on their over arm throw through the introduction of dodgeball.