Shoot for Goal Attraction

The Shoot for Goal attraction coincides with the fans fund grant that Community Sports received in 2019.

The activity was brought in at the start of the 2019-20 season. Providing supporters with a better matchday experience starting from when they arrive to the ground. Furthermore, because it is free of charge, it especially keeps the younger supporters happy and enjoying fun activities.

What is the “Shoot for Goal”?

  • The Shoot for Goal is an inflatable target based game. Made for supporters aged below 16, aiming to try and score through the various holes.
  • Both home and away supporters are welcomed to try it out.
  • All participants take penalty style kicks from the spot. Aiming to score as many points as possible with three attempts each.
  • The targets to aim for are different sized holes marked 10,20 and 50; with the fifty pointers being the hardest to get.

Benefits from Taking Part?

  • Not only is it free to take part, but there are also a range of prizes up for grabs.
  • A Shoot for Goal leaderboard operates every matchday, with all those that score points getting their name on it.
  • The top six to eight scorers on the Shoot for Goal leaderboard get the great opportunity to take part in a half time penalty shootout competition on the pitch!
  • The activity also brings both home and away supporters together into one community through the power of football.

Once again, the Shoot for Goal operates on weekend home matchdays only. Supporters have their chance to take part between 1pm to 2:40pm at the front of the ground outside JB’s Bar. We welcome both home and away supporters aged 16 and under.