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Session Delivery in Schools

A wide range of session types are delivered all year round. This is mainly in a primary school environment. We deliver a range of sports, fundamental and P.E work and much more; sessions include:

  • Lunchtime Clubs

Usually taking place for between 30 minutes to one hour. Lunchtime club sessions can vary across many different sports including Football, basketball, dodgeball and hockey. With the aim very much on making them as fun as possible with plenty of opportunity to play team games.

  • Ball Skills/ Attacking and Defending

These sessions get participants working on their ball skills. This enables them to get familiar with the use of Basketballs, footballs, dodgeballs and also netballs. These sessions usually operate in curricular time with Key Stage One year groups.

Linked into this is the attacking and defending sessions that revolve around decision making and working in small teams. Our group of experienced coaches have a large syllabus that they cover to work on these skills.

  • Multiskills, fundamental sessions

Multiskills sessions provide the perfect building blocks for children in key stage one. Here they will learn from the start some vital skills. These will become applicable in many team games that they will go on to play.

The fundamental work revolves around learning and developing their throwing and catching technique, reactions and decision making and also their travelling skills. This includes working on their jumping, hopping, skipping, side stepping and much more.

  • Football

The beautiful game as we know and love it. Football sessions always prove popular with children in key stage one, all the way up to fully grown adults. All Morecambe FC Community Sports staff are FA qualified coaches at a minimum. They have plenty of engaging and fun sessions that they deliver on a regular basis.

Football sessions usually get delivered as an after school club in a Primary School environment with interest always at peak levels. With key stage one/two children they get to improve their knowledge of the game by tackling some important areas.

This includes working on their dribbling and control, passing accuracy and decision making. In addition to this, working on their shooting technique, attacking versus defending work and also their overall team working skills.

  • Tag Rugby

There has been an increase in popularity for the delivery of Tag Rugby in recent years. It is at the heart of the session types that we currently deliver to key stage one and two children.

Tag Rugby offers the chance for children to learn about a different type of sport that they might not have had the opportunity to play before. Whilst also opening the door for them to explore the playing style of Rugby.

The Tag Rugby sessions primarily get delivered to key stage one and two classes in curricular time. Participants get plenty of opportunity to get involved in fun team exercises and work on their decision making and rugby passing technique.

Interested in booking your school in for some Morecambe FC Community Sports Sessions?

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