Premier League Reading Stars

What is it?

Premier League Reading Stars is a 10-week literacy intervention that is designed to be delivered in either Primary Schools, Libraries or football clubs.

Who is it aimed at?

As a Community Trust, the program works alongside our Primary Stars sessions that we deliver to Primary Schools in the local area. The aim of the sessions are to improve children’s literature between the ages of 9-13 that love football but lack the motivation to read.

Typically the classes participating in the sessions will have a different lesson focus each week that could involve reading Newspaper articles, books or magazines. The material that is used in the lessons is sent over by the Premier League and has been tailor made for children of a certain age.

Who are the partners of the program?

The National Literacy Trust work in partnership with the Premier League in the Reading Stars program and they have been able to help shape and improve children’s literature all over the country for several years.

Benefits of the program?

Through evaluation, the Premier League Reading Stars program has shown to have a significant impact on children’s attainment and attitude. Furthermore, it has also improved children’s reading ability and willingness to pick up a book and read.

By using the power of the club badge and the Premier League, schools seem more than willing to give the program a go and see what positive impact it can have for their children. Those that take part in the program can see the rewards that it can bring them. Including handing out special certificates for those involved, as well as creating awards such as star pupil for the term.

Our Reading Stars sessions have also included special visits from those inside the Football Club as well. Club mascot Christie the Cat has taken part in reading events with children in the past. In addition to this, first team players have also been in attendance to see the program in action and voice the importance that reading skills can have in later life.