Gymstars Program

Gymstars is a mobile gym session that we primarily deliver to Key Stage One primary school classes within curricular time. The programme offers plenty of benefits for the children; promoting a healthy lifestyle and the positive effects that exercising can have.

Gymstars hits the curriculum goals for key stage one as well. Linking in on how to keep fit and how they can exercise in a safe environment. They also learn about what the body does when we have been working hard exercising, such as a raised heart beat and sweating.

In addition, Gymstars is great for educating children about different gym equipment that is specifically for their age group. Within the sessions we have running machines, rowers, cross trainers and exercise bikes. More importantly, Gymstars is always fun!

So that we are maximising what the children learn, we also have a middle section where they work on their fundamental skills in small teams. These core skills include different ways to move through objects such as side stepping, hopping, backwards or sideways movements and also jumping over hurdles. They also work on their over and under arm throwing to hit a target or pass it to a team-mate.

The Gymstars sessions work on a 6 week block, with children building up their skills each week and becoming more confident with using gym equipment and improving their fitness.

If you would like some more information on the sessions we can deliver please contact the team via email on